You’re invited to what should be a rousing evening featuring a diverse and entrepreneurial group of women
who have succeeded in leveraging Instagram to create and nurture their personal and professional brands. 

We’ll be discussing strategy, best practices, and dealing with the LOVE & the HATE!!!

6:30p - 9p

1500 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

This event is FREE but we will have a CASH DONATION jar at the event if you’re interested in contributing.
Our goal is to legitimize Bright Side Collective as an actual business so we can bring you more frequent, better, and more immersive experiences.
Of course, this is not obligatory. We’re just happy to have you join us. :)


21+, RSVP required, Non-transferrable



Oakland based Woodworker, Aleksandra Zee builds large and small scale intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards and table tops.With a degree in Fine Arts, Zee has built a full time career in making art as a living.From trips to the desert, spending time in front of the ocean, and being out amongst the trees, Zee draws her inspiration from travel and being heavily rooted in the past. 



Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bianca is a prop and interior stylist with a diverse portfolio — from commercial and video to editorial — that is as full of life as her Instagram account. As a go-to interiors expert, she's built long-standing relationships with brands like Williams-Sonoma, Airbnb, Sunset Magazine and more. Social media is where she showcases work and highlights her personal life while always keeping it 100. 




Pataky is an artist of many disciplines and mediums, Meryl focuses on the relationship between her own hands and material.  Informing her material selection is a meditation on the elements of the periodic table from noble gases to metals and organics. She is aware of the history of her elements from their origins in the universe to their applications in culture and myth. The artist derives deeper meanings from these histories to add layers to her concepts. Both a personal and process driven narrative drive the work further forward. 

Meryl is currently working on exhibitions in Oakland, California as well as curating the all-female, all neon exhibition entitled, "She Bends".  The exhibition features female benders from around the world.



Raised by two parents who are spiritual teachers, Maryam has been immersed in a world of mysticism, ceremony and celebration since before she was born. An initiated Priestess, she has found her calling teaching others how to embody their higher selves and live their soul’s purpose. Maryam uses her etheric abilities to remind other beings about the vibrational, energetic nature of this universe. She is experienced in working with subtle plant medicine, metaphysics, embodied ceremony, ritual, sound healing and sacred medicine. Maryam incorporates ancient wisdom as well as cutting edge information to intuitively teach in a way that will awaken wholeness and create deep transformational healing. Through shining her light so brightly her intention is that others will see themselves reflected and do the same. 




Yumna is currently VSCO’s digital and social media marketing lead. She is driven to leverage the evolving power of social media and digital channels to build engaged communities of brand champions. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Yumna started her work in the digital media and social marketing space and has worked with brands of all sizes, such as Pandora Music, to understand their digital audience, leverage social analytics and nurture their online presence. In her personal life, Yumna enjoys photography and creating content for her own social media platforms as a way to connect with her own community and grow her personal brand, which focuses on Travel, Beauty, and Fashion. 



Erica is the founder and executive editor of HonestlyWTF, a lifestyle blog that curates stories covering fashion, art, travel, interior design and DIY. Her passion for design and craft comes from her extensive background in jewelry design and her experience working in the art industry. She also oversees HonestlyYUM, a culinary destination for seasonal food and cocktail recipes and entertaining ideas and HonestlyFIT, a fitness and wellness resource.


Moderated By

Claudia is a Bay Area native who has worked in advertising & the beauty industries for over ten years. A graduate of NYU and FIDM, she's a bold #singlemom who  loves empowering women to be brave and take risks. She is currently the VP of Brand Marketing at Tatcha where she proudly oversees brand marketing, creative, PR & social media.


Image by photographer  Cera Hensley , food stylist  Amanda Anselmino , & art director  Danielle Moore

Image by photographer Cera Hensley, food stylist Amanda Anselmino, & art director Danielle Moore


"At Miss Ollie’s in the Swan’s Market building in Old Oakland, Sarah Kirnon serves Caribbean food inspired by childhood memories of cooking in Barbados with her grandmother, the restaurant’s namesake. Kirnon’s dishes feel like hearty Rorschach inkblots that evoke our warmest, fuzziest culinary nostalgia, so words like “comforting, homey” and “soulful” tend to ooze across her many accolades. Those words are appropriate, but relying on them too often undersells the brilliance of Kirnon’s work." — SF Chronicle


We will be serving up delish drinks — with watermelon! Including a martini and a sangria. Carefully created by the mobile cocktail bar, Rye on the Road

The Proudly American campaign aims to celebrate the traditionally American values of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happy, along with freedom, progress, diversity, and bravery; the values that make us Proudly American.

The Proudly American campaign celebrates these values in San Francisco, a city that has fought hard to protect these values and is the birthplace of SKYY Vodka.

Image by photographer  Cera Hensley , food stylist  Amanda Anselmino , & art director  Danielle Moore

Image by photographer Cera Hensley, food stylist Amanda Anselmino, & art director Danielle Moore